Weather Wednesday: What is freezing fog?

Weather Wednesday

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Due to the difficulty of yesterday’s commute for some in mid-Michigan, this week’s Weather Wednesday breaks down what freezing fog is.

In order to talk about how freezing fog forms, it’s important to identify what fog is.

There are several conditions that are necessary for the development of fog.

First, you need the humidity to reach 100%.

Normally, the temperature will cool down to where the dew points. That’s when you can get condensation, you need enough moisture for that condensation to take place, especially down near the surface.

Skies will need to be clear as well.

In order to create freezing fog, the temperature is below freezing. So cold water droplets are essentially below freezing, but they’re still in liquid form because they have.

As soon as the fog reaches the surface, it freezes on contact. Anytime you see fog while driving in below-freezing conditions, there’s a pretty good chance that that’s freezing fog can create a lot of issues.

It essentially creates the same sort of impact as freezing rain.

Freezing fog can ice up driveways, roadways and even your own windshield.

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