LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan is now in a pronounced seasonal peak in damaging winds from severe storms.

Oftentimes these events are a result of systems called Derechos.

When a storm is associated with a band of fast-moving showers or thunderstorms, these types of storms can produce destruction similar to that of a tornado.

The key difference is that with Derechos, we experience “straight-line winds.”

So instead of having debris being scattered and thrown around in various directions, like with the tornadic storm, it all seems to fall in one direction.

In order to classify a storm as a derecho, we need to have that straight-line wind damage that spans at least 240 miles and has wind gusts at around 58 miles per hour, along with the majority of that system’s path.

Now, these storms aren’t to be taken lightly, because they can cause significant damage that will go on to pack millions of lives.

Nearly 63% of all Derechos between the month of May and July with 22% of them seen in the month of May 20 in June and 21 in July.

The reason why we see a peak in the percentage of Derechos during the summer is that now we have access to that warm.

An air mass that is able to generate these types of storms.

The good news is, is that here in mid-Michigan there is typically only around one derecho event each year, but towards the Arkansas and Oklahoma border, they typically see right around one to two events a year.

So even though they can form every year, thankfully the data from the national weather service and storm prediction center, sorrows that they aren’t that frequent back to you.