LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Right about now is when the 6 News weather team starts getting questions about whether we will see a white Christmas this year.

Now, in order to have a white Christmas, there must be one inch of snow on the ground by 7:00 a.m. December 25th.In the past, the city of Lansing has a pretty good record of seeing these conditions on Christmas.

Since the National Weather Service began collecting data back in 1952; 65% of the time we saw a White Christmas; with 24 out of the 60 years having one to three inches of snowfall depth, and in 15 years where we had over 3 inches of snowfall on the ground by Christmas morning.

On the flip side, 23% of the years since 1952 we saw more of a “green Christmas” where we woke up to no snow on the ground at all.

It’s been quite some time since we saw a White Christmas in Lansing. Last year it was too warm for it to snow, and in 2020 it was snowing but there was no snow stuck to the ground. So, the last time that we saw a truly white Christmas in Lansing was all the way back in 2017.

Now to what we have all been waiting for, what are our odds of seeing a white Christmas this year?

As of right now looking at a few different models, it does seem like temperatures will be below-freezing as we move into the Christmas season; so that checks out.

Now the issue will be, whether or not there will be a system that moves into the area bringing that snow. As of right now, a few models show that there is a chance we see multiple low-pressure systems in the area, the days leading up to Christmas. All of which would bring snow. Some show potential for lake effect showers on Christmas Eve and snowfall chances later on Christmas Day.

So, it looks like our chances of seeing a white Christmas this year, based on current models, are pretty good. But now that I say that I also have to mention that Christmas is still 11 days away; and we all know that a lot can change in the forecast until then.

But either way, we will keep you updated.