LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Are you dreaming of summer? Things are looking like they will heat up this weekend, but when will we see a true Michigan summer?

Many of you are likely ready to roll down those windows and enjoy the springtime weather. Unfortunately, it’s been taking its time.

Even this weekend’s warm-up looks to be short-lived. So, when can we expect consistently warm weather here in mid-Michigan?

Our first 70-degree day already took place on March 17, only two weeks after the record earliest and three weeks ahead of average.

Our first 75-degree day, which will likely take place this weekend, would’ve already occurred on an average year. Thankfully, we won’t be waiting until mid-June like Lansing residents did in 1924!

Our first 80-degree day has an average first date a few weeks from now. The earliest date took place during the heatwave of march 2012, and the latest was also in mid-June of the same year as the latest 75-degree day!

We’ll likely have to wait a bit for our first 85-degree day. The average first takes place in late May. The earliest also happened during the March 2012 heatwave. The latest Lansing ever had to wait was the Fourth of July in 1935.

Finally, our first 90-degree day isn’t so simple, as we don’t hit 90 every year. In fact, as recently as 2014, we failed to hit the mark. Data is rather sparse since it doesn’t happen often, but our average first takes place on June 23rd.

Sooner or later, the pools will be opened and warm weather will be enjoyed. Unfortunately, climatology shows we’ll likely have to wait a bit.

Our advice to you? Get out and enjoy the 70s this weekend.