LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — As always, we took a look at the top trending stories on our website during 6 News This Morning.

You Can Now Order a Third Batch of Free COVID-19 Tests

You can now order a third round of free at home COVID-19 tests from the federal government.

The programs website says that every home in the U.S. is eligible for this third round.

Unlike previous rounds, each order will now include eight rapid COVID tests, they’ll come in two separate packages of four each.

According to the USPS, these tests will be shipped for free.

To order yours, go to, and fill out the form with your name and address.

More People are Starting to Clone Their Pets

How much would you spend to keep your pet around for another life?

Well, turns out some people are paying up to $50,000 to have their pet cloned.

Melanin Rodriguez of ViaGen Pets, a service that clones pets, says there is only a small number of people willing to clone theirs right now, because of the price tag.

However, Rodriguez says her company is cloning more and more animals every year for those proud furry friend lovers that don’t want to say goodbye.