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Glitch in American Airlines platform lets pilots drop thousands of flights

A glitch in an American Airlines platform for trading flights allowed pilots to drop thousands of trips throughout July on Friday.

American Airlines said, the technical glitch allowed certain trading transactions to be processed that should not have, but most flights that were affected have now been reinstated. 

“We already have restored the vast majority of the affected trips and do not anticipate any operational impact because of this issue,” American said in the statement. 

According to the Transportation Security Administration, Friday was its busiest travel day since before the start of the pandemic. 

Dennis Tajer, an American Airlines pilot, said the airline did not keep its IT system functioning properly, creating “uncertainty for passengers and pilots.” 

American Airlines is currently investigating the situation.

The Fastest Cars Under $50,000

These new sports cars and sports sedans all have starting prices of under $50,000 and are ranked in ascending order of the 0-60 time for their corresponding trim levels. 


  • 1.) Ford Mustang GT with Performance Package
  • 2.) Chevrolet Camaro SS
  • 3.) BMW M2
  • 4.) Dodge Charger Scat Pack
  • 5.) Volkswagen Golf R

For $50,000, car buyers can afford later-model used luxury sports cars. Officials say to be careful of your speed, even though these luxury cars can go much faster than the speed limit.