LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — As always, we took a look at the top trending stories on our website during 6 News This Morning.

T-Mobile to Pay $350M to Customers in Data Breach

T-Mobile is now paying $350 million to customers affected by a large cyber attack.

The attack happened in August of 2021 and affected almost 80 million U.S. residents.

The phone company says that the breach caused personal data like social security numbers, names and information from driver’s licenses to be stolen.

T-Mobile does plan on spending $150 million moving forward to secure its data security, beginning this year and throughout 2023.

American Foods Banned In Other Countries

Every day snacks we’re used to may not be allowed in other countries.

Skittles is one that is now being banned elsewhere due to “heightened levels” of titanium dioxide.

Other popular American foods that are banned in other countries include: Mountain Dew, Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, Ritz Crackers and Drumstick Frozen Desserts.

Many other countries believe these foods have toxins that make them unsafe to eat.