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Raising Cane’s founder buys 50,000 Mega Millions tickets for employees

The owner of Raising Cane’s is now buying all their employee’s tickets for the Mega Millions Jackpot.

This decision was a result of the jackpot becoming one of the largest in history at $810 million.

The company is buying a grand total of 50,000 tickets for employees, which totals to $100,000.

Owner Todd Graves says if any ticket ends up being the winner, he’ll divide the money with the entire crew.

Woman celebrates 45th birthday after doctors say she won’t see 30

One Illinois woman is a living miracle as she just turned 45, after doctors told her she wouldn’t see past 30.

When Andrea Miller was 25, doctors discovered she only had one kidney.

A CAT scan later revealed she had a birth defect causing her to miss a right kidney, ovary, and fallopian tube.

When Miller was 27, doctors found cancer at follow-up PET scans in her stomach, esophagus, liver, and lymph nodes.

After several surgeries, two pregnancies, and being put on life support, Miller has defeated all odds and is cancer free.