LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — As always, we took a look at the top trending stories on our website during 6 News This Morning.

Fed unleashes another big rate hike in bid to curb inflation

The Federal Reserve has now raised its benchmark interest rate with hopes to tame high inflation. This rate has now gone up by three-quarters of a point for the second straight time.

Officials are saying this is the most aggressive drive in three decades, in an attempt to help slow inflation.

The Fed’s move will raise its key rate, which directly impacts many consumer and business loans to a range of 2.25%, to 2.5%.

By raising borrowing rates, the Fed makes it costlier to take out a mortgage or an auto or business loan. In turn, it’s expected that consumers and businesses will borrow and spend less, slowing inflation.

Las Vegas Taco Bell dumps dine-in

One Taco Bell in Las Vegas could be a glimpse into the future for fast food restaurants.

The grab-and-go location showcases two drive-thru lanes, with one specifically for delivery drivers.

Here’s the catch, there’s no dining room.

The location is smaller than most Taco Bells, but officials say it’s more efficient as the pandemic changed its approach.