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More Michigan Firefighters With Cancer Eligible For Benefits

A new Michigan law is allowing firefighters with cancer to become eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

New legislation signed by Governor, Gretchen Whitmer extends eligibility to forest fire officers and fire crash officers at military airfields.

Jeff Roberts, the president of the Michigan Association of Fire Chiefs, says many people don’t realize the health effects fire fighters face that can appear years after exposure to debris and carcinogens.

The bill was sponsored by Republican Representative Sue Allor of Wolverine. Roberts is grateful for the expansion of eligibility for the fund.


How to Budget Your Christmas Lights Display

If your anything like the Griswold’s or Buddy Hall from Deck the Halls with your Christmas lights display, you may want to pay closer attention to the pretty penny it’s costing you.

The type of lights you select and the wattage can have a large impact on your bill.

To discover the electricity usage of a strand of lights, follow this formula:

  1. Multiply wattage by the hours per day the lights will be on, then divide by 1,000 to find kilowatt hours, or kWh per day.
  2. Multiply the kWh per day by your cost of power usage (found on your electric bill) to find the cost per day.
  3. Multiply the cost per day by how many days your lights will be on.

A strand of 300 white mini LED lights on the usual green wire is 21 watts, while the same style with incandescent bulbs is 72 watts.

Having your lights on for six hours a day for 30 days, using a strand of mini LED lights will cost approximately 52 cents. A strand with the same amount of bulbs, but as incandescents, will cost about $1.81.

If you’re looking at a strand of 100-light C9 LED lights at 4.8 watts, it will cost you about 12 cents, while a 25-light strand of C9 incandescent lights at 175 watts costs about $4.41.

For the 25-light LED C7 strand at 21 watts, it will cost you about 52 cents, while the incandescents at 125 watts will cost approximately $3.15.

 Incandescents will in the the long run end up hurting your wallet more than LED lights.

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