LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — As always we took a look at the top trending stories on our website during 6 News This Morning.

Here is a breakdown of those stories:

Surgeons Implant Pig Kidney into Human as They Explore Ways to Help Save Lives

With organ donors constantly in short supply, an ongoing study has identified a possible alternative, animal organs.

Surgeons from New York University say they have now successfully taken a genetically engineered pig kidney and implanted it into a human body twice.

Dr. Robert Montgomery notes that both recipients were actually deceased, with their bodies being kept alive using a ventilator.

Montgomery says the two surgeries show that a specifically designed kidney from another species can help provide living saving organs to those in need.

He also believes there is much more work and testing to be done before beginning living human trials.

Security Flaw in Millions of Devices

A massive security flaw is letting internet-based attackers easily seize control of everything, from web servers to consumer electronics.

Security pros say it’s one of the worst computer vulnerabilities they’ve ever seen.

It is a challenge to identify which systems use the utility as it is often hidden under layers of other software.

The department of homeland security is sounding a dire alarm, ordering federal agencies to quickly eliminate the issue, because it’s so easily exploitable.

They are advising those with public-facing networks to put up firewalls to ensure safety.