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LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Our top trending stories of today include a cold case that was reopened from 2013, Dean Transportation seeing an increase in bus drivers and salmonella outbreaks in onions.

Cold Case that was Reopened

Five men who were in jail for years and charged in a homicide in Jackson have now been cleared.

Phillip Sango was killed in December of 2013 in Jackson. The case went cold, but five years later police seemed to have solved it and charged five people.

On Oct. 20, those charges were dropped and the case reopened.

Winston Russell’s (one of the men accused) Attorney said on the date Sango was killed, Russel was in jail on an unrelated matter.

“So he couldn’t have been out to do it,” Kareem Johnson, Russell’s Attorney said.

For the other four accused of being involved: Joshua Long, Donald long, Anthony Wade and Robert Brown, charges have also been dropped.

Prosecutors told 6 News yesterday, “As evidence developed and progressed in these cases it arrived at a point where we were unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt any longer, the involvement of these individuals.”

Increase in Bus Drivers at Dean Transportation

At yesterday’s job fair event, Paige Audas, the Hiring Coordinator for Dean Transportation said she saw the most applicants for school bus drivers since 2019.

The event was held to help with the dramatic school bus driver shortage in mid-Michigan since the pandemic.

Many school bus drivers were forced to find other jobs, while schools were virtual last year due to the pandemic.

With school back in person, there has been a constant battle to find bus drivers.

Parents have had to get creative with finding other ways to get their children to school due to the shortages and canceled bus routes.

“We are working on it every day to get that fixed, we’re adding drivers every week, we’re having new drivers come in and there are a ton of people applying, we’re getting it worked through the system and hopefully we will be able to get our numbers back up and get kids back on the road,” Audas said.

Dean Transportation is offering a $750 sign on bonus to motivate possible new drivers.

Nationwide Salmonella Outbreak Involving Onions

According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC), a salmonella outbreak that has been traced to 37 states across the country is being caused by fresh whole onions.

Michigan is included in the 37 states impacted.

The CDC is now advising people to not eat, sell or serve red, white or yellow onions imported from Mexico and distributed by ProSource Inc.

The company imported the onions from Chihuahua, Mexico, and distributed them to restaurants and grocery stores throughout the United States. ProSource said the onions were last imported Aug. 27, but because of the vegetable’s long shelf life they may still be on shelves.

The outbreak has left at least 652 people, ranging in age from one year to 97-years-old, sickened.

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