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Campaign Profile: Brian Mosallam for MSU Trustee

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EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — We’re less than a month away from the November election and we continue our series focusing on the Michigan State University Board of Trustees. We are introducing you to the candidates.

Kiyerra Lake sat down with incumbent Brian Mosallam. He shares why he believes he deserves your vote.

“I’ve been through it all over the last eight years,” he said. “Nobody can replace the institutional knowledge that I have.”

Mosallam is hoping to get re-elected to the MSU Board of Trustees. He said his focus is on caring for the university, especially after the Larry Nassar scandal.

“January of 18, spending 100 hours a month at a volunteer position, ya know, delaying the transition of my business for six months, my family suffering not seeing me all as a volunteer because I love the place,” Mosallam said. “I wanted to do right by the survivors because I wanted this place to heal and move us forward. Politicians don’t do that.”

If he gets the chance to stay on the board, he hopes to make MSU the national model for student health and wellness, but first he said there’s still work to do to regain the publics trust.

“So the survivors can have closure,” he said. “I think diversity, equity and inclusion are very important issues right so we have students of color and those from marginalized communities still don’t feel safe on campus.”

He said the board is now moving in the right direction.

“We’re hiring a chief diversity officer, we’re building a multicultural center, we’re having listening sessions,” said Mosallam. “We have a president who has a mandate from the board that DIE is very important. We’re meeting with all the different student organizations to make sure, ya know, because we’re in positions of power.”

He added that he has a background in wealth management and said this is beneficial after the financial challenges the university faces due to COVID-19.

“You’re seeing this issue happen across campuses across the country is that they’re surging, they’re spiking because kids, students are not socially distancing,” He said. “They’re not taking it seriously. While they might be asymptomatic ya know they’re, these numbers are spiking so, ya know, it’s all gonna depend on the behavior of a college student and how they adhere to the guidelines.”

During his time of the board, he’s worked toward change.

“When I first got here, these roles were very ceremonial in nature and then Nassar happened and then you realized these are very serious roles that we have fiduciary oversight of this university,” he said. “It is our job administration accountable. It’s not our job to Lansing Country Club or Walnut Hills and hang out with them. Our job is to hold this administration accountable and these roles have changed dramatically, ya know, so these are, you gotta love this place to want to take on this job right now because it’s a lot of work.”

Mosallam is up against Democratic candidate Dr. Rema Vassar and two Republicans Pat O’Keefe and Tonya Schuitmaker.

Watch in the video below, to hear Mosallam give a two minute statement on why he deserves your vote.

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