Your Local Election HQ

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– In less than two weeks, Lansing residents will hit the polls and vote to narrow the race for the city’s next mayor.

So as your local election headquarters, 6 News is here for you, profiling each of the candidates will appear on the ballot. One of those candidates is current councilwoman Patricia Spitzley.

Lansing is where councilwoman Patricia Spitzley was born and raised, and after attending college and getting married–it’s also where she raised her own family. It’s where she invested most of her life, which is why she’s now running for mayor–but why choose her?

“I feel like I have the qualities to lead, I’ve been on the city council,” said Spitzley. “As government affairs for environmental trust, I’m in 14 states, and I work with a number of communities and so I know what works and what does not work.”

Her message, the way the city is running right now, is not working.

“Looking at Lansing and seeing the city now, it saddens me because I see a deep distrust of local government.”

That distrust she says is not only the community–but also with city employees. Some of the overall issues she plans to address are diversity, inclusion, gaps in the city’s finances and spending, and the future for economic development.

Spitzley says she wants the community to help.

“You have a government, you have schools, you have businesses, and you have community leaders looking together to solve the problems, not just one area trying to solve problems and force it out on people. that doesn’t work.”

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