Meet Jackson Mayoral Candidate Daniel Mahoney

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JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS)— Commissioner Daniel Mahoney represents District 7 in the city of Jackson and recently announced he’s running for Mayor of the city of Jackson.

“What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong,” Mahoney said, “and I’m not afraid to speak my opinion and speak my piece on where I stand on an issue.”

Mahoney was born and raised in the City of Jackson and is married to his wife Semaj Mahoney with five children. He says part of the reason why he’s running is to make the community a better place for his girls.

Mahoney’s top priorities are public safety; neighborhood revitalization, extending economic development work in The City of Jackson’s downtown and fixing the roads. Mahoney has become a prominent figure in society with his numerous roles in the community.

“There are 20 boards that I could list that I’ve been involved in,” Mahoney said. “I think mental health is a very important and much-needed space for people who can properly advocate for those… I’m also currently on the Michigan works consortium board, I’m the vice-chair of that board.”

Mahoney says as county commissioner he has learned how policy is impacted by listening to conversations, and what the community needs.

Mahoney says he’s running for mayor because a majority of the concerns his constituents need help with he does not have the power to address.

“As a county commissioner because most of their issues and concerns are things that have to be addressed by the city council, at the city level not at the county level,” Mahoney said.

Mahoney also wants to dive into some areas of the community he says other individuals might be afraid to touch.

“There’s a very high rate of violent crimes in the City of Jackson a lot of gun violence, a lot of shootings and I think the most traditional and immediate answer a lot of people would look to is say ‘well we need more police,” Mahoney said. “We need more boots on the ground; we need more police presents, we need more people arrested, we need harsher punishment for those individuals creating the crimes and committing the crimes, and that’s the solution to this problem…It is my belief that is not the solution to the problem.”

Mahoney says the background of an individual can play a major role that can contribute to gun violence.

“We’re actually creating more of an issue by only addressing the end cause which is the shootings that are happening,” Mahoney said. “You know the real issue behind most of the shootings is at the end of the day poverty, and if we’re not looking at addressing poverty for some of the individuals within this community who don’t have a way out, who don’t have hope, then we’re really just perpetuating a cycle of violence.”

Mahoney says his passion for policy, history, and justice makes him the right candidate to serve as future Mayor of the city of Jackson.

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