MERIDIAN TWP. Mich. (WLNS) – We know that personal recreational marijuana use is legal here in the state of Michigan, but how about the commercial sale of it?

Well, that’s what voters in Meridian Township will vote on in the August 2 primary.

A citizen-led initiative called ‘Keep Meridian Safe’ gathered over 1,100 signatures to qualify for the election. This proposal would prohibit pot shops from selling recreational marijuana in the township and it has both sides fired up.

Signs are posted around the township, almost looking like a political candidate campaign. It has officials like Frank Walsh at Meridian Township hearing feedback from each side of the aisle.

“There are people on both sides that are pretty passionate about it,” the Township Manager said.

Including some like Bob Baldori

“Yeah, the message is vote no to prohibition and let the township board guide a sane and sensible policy for development,” Baldori said.

He said allowing pot shops could be a way for the township to make more money.

“If they did four or five which would probably be the maximum that would ever be allowed in Meridian Township, it’s like a quarter of a million dollars that the township could spend making the place safer and etcetera,” Baldori said.

But the chairperson for ‘Keep Meridian Safe’ tells 6 news that’s not a guarantee.

“In terms of a possible revenue stream, that again is still playing out in terms of how much of a revenue stream it actually would be,” Jerry Richards said.

He said the township is known for its quality of life and the operation of these businesses could diminish that.

“Allowing recreational marijuana businesses may harm our family-friendly neighborhoods, could impact our schools, and detract from our community assets,” Richards said.

Officials with Meridian Township said it’ll be an interesting election.

“The question is, is Meridian Township going to be a better community with recreational marijuana shops throughout the community? That’s the question, and that’s up to the voters,” Walsh said.

Meridian Township tells 6 News that the wording for the ballot is a little tricky.

If you support wanting recreational marijuana shops throughout the township you should vote no. And if you want to stop them from being in the township, you should vote yes.