LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The battle for the spot to be U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 7th Congressional District is on, and Elissa Slotkin and Tom Barrett are publicly going head to head.

Slotkin’s third TV sport, “Five Times,” takes aim at candidate Tom Barrett’s five votes against the $7 billion General Motors deal.

“The next generation of cars should be built here: in Michigan,” said Slotkin. “That’s why I focused on bringing supply chains back from overseas and putting taxpayer money towards American companies—not China.”

Slotkin also said that as a result of Barrett’s votes against the deal, thousands of jobs are gone.

Tom Barrett’s response?

“There’s no mistaking that Elissa Slotkin is the ‘Queen of Corporate Welfare,’ after watching her new ad,” said Barrett. “She’s already said that the State giving $824 million in taxpayer money to a multi-national corporation is ‘the way government is supposed to work.”

Barrett says he disagrees with the concept of corporate welfare.

“There is no justification for Michigan taxpayers paying $161,000 per job created with no guarantees,” said Barrett. “Elissa Slotkin may want to turn America into China to compete with China. I do not.”