LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon held a press conference Tuesday morning where she called for the resignation of state superintendent Michael Rice.

The event happened at the Michigan Department of Education building, and Dixon opened up the press conference by saying that schools have lost their ways and now view students as ‘lab rats’ for their social experiments.

Multiple bright yellow signs were set up at the event, including one that said ‘Get Schools Back to Basics’ and one that said ‘End Radical Sex & Gender Activism in Our Schools.’

Dixon also had a sign up that said ‘Protect Girls Sports’ with a stick-figure swimming on it that referenced transgender women competing in sports.

The candidate for governor also referenced gender-neutral bathrooms and said soon all school bathrooms will be gender-neutral.

Roughly half way through the speech, Dixon called for the resignation of Michigan state superintendent Michael Rice. She also suggested changes in how the position operates.

After she finished up her remarks, Dixon took a handful of questions from the media, including on her definition of pornography and more.

Throughout the speech, Dixon made numerous references to pornography being a big part of schools now.