LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — We’re less than a week away from the August primary, and a lot of time, attention, and money have been spent on the Republicans running for governor.

But there are important local issues on the ballot.

In Ingham and Eaton counties, that includes renewing money for Juvenile Justice Programs.

The counties use that Juvenile Justice money to help turn kids who are on the wrong path around, and help them live happier and more productive lives.

Nate Murasky is one of the graduates of the Ingham Academy, which is a court operated program for kids who have gone through the justice system.

“Regular school wasn’t going to well for me, I was kind of slacking, getting off track and it got brought to me that I could come here and I took the offer up, and now I’m here where I’m at right now,” said Murasky.

Programs like these have been publicly financed in Ingham County since 2002, and both Ingham and Eaton county have placed proposals for juvenile justice millage renewals on the upcoming August 2 ballot.

“The Juvenile Justice Millage is a property tax millage and it’s expected in 2023 to generate about $5 million dollars,” said Scott Leroy, an Ingham County Deputy and Circuit Court Administrator. “The last 20 years we have had a juvenile justice millage so the renewal that’s on the ballot would be for another six years.”

The money would support programs that detain and house kids who are delinquent or disturbed, and could even fund new programs for their treatment.

Ingham County Circuit Court says that when the millage started in 2002, there were 1800 juvenile delinquency petitions being processed, and this year they have only processed 400.